Monday, April 28, 2014

The Actor's Spring Cleaning List for Better Success

organize your life and home by de-cluttering your clutter and spring cleaning.  create success as an actor and choose to be clearActors need to clean out their lives from the garbage that keeps them from living their dreams! This may seem like a broad statement or even too massive of a task to tackle, but it's more necessary than you may realize and more beneficial thank you may think.  

Clutter is simply a toxic mentality that, if it goes neglected or even fed, it could slow down the ability to make choice.

Make Solid Decisions

When you’re surrounded by clutter it's time to make decisions. You may want to keep everything, but if you don’t use half of it and you’re running out of space, you are going to need to learn to make some choices in order to decide what goes and what stays. This is essential in the running of any business or career, as every good business person has to have the ability to make decisions.

Ruthless When Needed

Sometimes you just have to be ruthless and decide. Even if you like your china collection from 15 years ago, but you live in a studio flat downtown you simply just don't have room for it anymore and it has to go. It's for the greater good; it's for your mental health. This is a skill you've got to learn, practice and master as it will be vital to your career regardless. 

Embrace Change

When you begin to sift through your environment, it might feel intimidating but it's usually for the better. A lot of people are very resistant to change so this can require some life altering action steps. Clutter can be easy to cling to due to it's sentimental value or the fear you'll need it once it's gone, even though it’s taking up so much space that it’s making their living space unbearable. Every person and business must embrace change eventually, if they're to grow and flourish. It may be hard, but it's an open door to enhanced possibility. 


This is essential when you're de-cluttering. On one hand, you know you can't keep everything, but you also need to be able to prioritize those little things that really *do* have value. You must be able to determine what goes and what stays. Prioritization is an essential life skill and without it your career won’t flourish, as it leads to confusion and procrastination, two detrimental consequences and career stoppers.

Skills for Success

These suggestions will really help to clear your space and essentially, your mind to be able to pursue the goals you are so dedicated to.  Being able to complete a de-cluttering and organization process is a wonderful way to acquire strengths in life and in your chosen career. (Artists can be incredibly disorganized!) Can de-cluttering make you more successful? Absolutely. Is it the only key? Of course not.  
But that's why we are here at the New York Acting School for Film and Television. We know you want to succeed and would love to help you get there. 
For more info on classes, or personal coaching, get in touch!  We'd love to hear from you!

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