Schedule and Tuiton 2015 - 16

Please review our class offerings for the 2013/14 school year.  Please note that all we will help you to design your course requirements to fit your available times.  You may wish to complete courses attending as often as 3, 4, or even 5 classes per week, or you can choose to only attend one class per week.  



ACTING IN COMMERCIALS - Every other month on Thursday

BUSINESS OF ACTING STARTS - Every other month on Tuesday

STAR IN A MOVIE STARTS WED, New class every month

IMPROVISATION FOR FILM/TV - Every other month on Thursday

AGENT SHOWCASE CLASS - Every other month on Thursday

Essentials of Film Acting 110 - 9 classes                $550.00

Almost every entering student should start with this class, even those with substantial theatrical backgrounds.  Working in front of a camera for film, TV, and now YouTube is a very different skill, and requires learning new methods and techniques.  For those who are primarily interested in getting some training in film acting, and have not decided whether or not to pursue film as a career, this short course is perfect.  For serious actors, you are encouraged to sign up for Professional Film Acting 501 and 502.  Student may complete this course in as little as 3 weeks or may stretch the classes over nine or more weeks.  details 

Professional Film Acting 501 - 32 classes                $2100.00

All Essentials and Advanced Classes are hands on, skills building workshops, and are uniquely tailored to each student.  It is generally recommended that a student take Essential Classes until approved by the director to move on to Advanced Classes. This half term course would also include a Star in a Movie five week course, which includes a professionally produced short film suitable for your reel.  Student may complete 501 in 10 weeks or so, or may choose to stretch it out.   details

Our Business of Acting Class (4 nights) can be substituted for 4 nights of the above 32, or may be taken separately.

When you sign up for Professional Film Acting Course, school founder and director Mark Stolzenberg, will meet with you to design a very specific set of objectives and a unique plan to meet those objectives.  You might be more interested in commercials or improv, comedy or character work.  Your activities each week will be tailored to insure that you get the skills you need.

Professional Film Acting 502 - 23 classes                $1700.00

Prerequisite - Professional Film Acting 501
While Film Acting 501 is designed for students hoping to make a full time career in Film and/or TV, 502 moves you to the next level.  With very small class sizes and plenty of individualized coaching, you will be fully prepared to meet the challenges of this industry when you complete this course.

Specifically tailored to your goals and aspirations, 502 will provide you with 18 advanced classes, or specialized classes in commercials, improv, comedy, and/or the business of acting.  You will also take part in a Star in a Movie class with 4 weeks of rehearsals followed by an evening of being directed and filmed by professionals.  From this evening you will receive a short film suitable for your reel.  Student may complete this course in as little as 8 weeks or can spread out the classes over a longer period.  details

Professional Film Acting 511 - 55 classes                $3800.00

This course combines all the classes from 501 and 502 which includes two Star in a Movie courses.  When you sign up for both 501 and 502, you will receive four bonus classes to be used any way you choose.   

Star in a Movie 610 - 4 classes + shoot                     $650.00

Work with one or more other actors on a tailor made script designed to bring out the best in you.  After four intense weeks of training and rehearsals, a professional cinematographer will shoot the scene under the direction of Mark Stolzenberg.  After editing, the final product will be suitable for your reel.  For beginning students, this will provide you with great clarity on your potential in the business.  details

Trial Essentials Class 101 - 1 Class                    $150.00

If you are simply interested in getting a small dose of what happens in film acting, and wish to try a single class before committing to a course of study, we offer class 101.

Trial Essentials Class 104 - 4 Classes                    $350.00

Students who are looking for a brush up course or needing specific work in some aspect of film acting may prefer to try class 104.  You may use these 4 nights in any of our classes.

Advanced Film Acting 210 - 9 Classes                    $550.00

With permission of the director, you may wish to only take advanced acting classes.  These classes are smaller and more intimate, but require foundational skill sets in fairness to others in the class.  Long time professionals use this course for brushing up on needed skills or to develop new ones.  details

*(NEW)   AGENT SHOWCASE 310 - 4 CLASSES -  $395
Create a monologue which will be filmed in class and then screened to an Agent, Manager, Casting Director, or Producer.

The Business of Acting 230 - 4 Classes                  $350.00

Acting is more than a set of skills and talent.  Acting is a business.  In this course, you will learn from a seasoned professional how to make a living doing what you love.  This course is designed for beginners to professionals who need to jump start their careers.  details

Students may choose to take The Business of Acting Classes at any time as an additional class or as a substitution for Essentials or Advanced classes.

 Improvisation for Film and TV 240 - 4 Classes $295

Scene Improvisations specifically designed for Film and Television. Both Comedy Improvisation and Drama.

Acting in Commercials 250- 4 Classes                  $350

  Commercial acting is one of the most lucrative parts of the business. But there are many secrets to finding acting jobs for commercials, and even more knowledge necessary to understand how to audition and be chosen for these opportunities. We have a new Acting in Commercial class starting on November 18, 2014.   details

Accent Correction 260  - 4 Classes                     $350

This is a special one-on-one course with a professor.  Please call to arrange times.  details

When we have a substantial interest in a specific workshop to concentrate on accents, we will announce the formation of a class.

Stand Up Comedy  - Private Coaching                          $250/hr

Taught by Carolyn Epstein

Individual Coaching 999                            $250/hr

All staff members are available for individual coaching on a per hour or per month basis.  Please call the office to set up an appointment to discuss your goals.  details

Acting for Kidz 010   

Taught By Scarlett Antonia

Class Schedule

Advanced Class - Mark Stolzenberg-Tuesdays 8:00-10pm
Star In A Movie - Mark Stolzenberg – Call for Schedule
Essentials - Mark Stolzenberg - Wednesdays 7:30-9:30PM
Essentials - Mark Stolzenberg - Thursdays -8-10:00PM
AGENT SHOWCASE – Call for Schedule
Creating Characters for Film and TV  - Lynn Schulson – Call for Schedule
Improvisation for Film and TV – Mark Stolzenberg -Call for schedule
Business of Acting - Headshots, Resumes, Reels, Agents- Call for Schedule
Commercials - Call for Schedule
Accent Correction - Bernadette Fiorella - Flexible Scheduling
News Broadcasting, Show Hosting- Oriana D'agastino –Private Sessions –flexible scheduling
Acting for Kids – Scarlett Antonia ,  Sundays 12-1:30PM.
PRIVATE LESSONS with Mark Stolzenberg- Flexible Scheduling
Stand Up Comedy Coaching – Private Sessions with Carolyn Epstein-TBD
Secure your place by registering on our website and by paying a deposit.
Or call us to pay with a credit card.  (212) 877- 2219 or (917) 797- 2577


Secure your place by registering on our website and by paying a deposit.
Or call us to pay with a credit card.  (212) 877-2219 or (917) 797-2577

We would love to discuss your acting career with you at a convenient time.  There may be ways that we can move you to the next level.  Classes take place at:

New York Acting School for Film and Television
All classes meet at:
150 West 46 St, 7th floor, bet 6th and 7th Ave
(studio 150)
NYC 10036
(212) 877-2219
Cell: (917) 797-2577
Note that we have a full schedule here on the blog in the tabs at the top or you may also want to visit our website at
Here is a video about the school
Our offices are at:
New York Acting School for Film and Television
2440 Broadway
Suite 275
(212) 877-2219
Cell: (917) 797-2577 
Classes are starting continuously, and are designed around your schedule.  


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