Saturday, November 18, 2017

Simple Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed By Acting Managers!

Simple Tips To Not Get Scammed By Acting Managers!Just because someone flashes a business card at you, doesn’t mean they’re worth working with. This is an industry where not everyone can be or should be trusted. So even though I know it’s time for you to level up and get some representation, don’t rush to say yes to the first person that flashes lights and promises success to you. Do your homework first.
Start by getting connected with people that are plugged into the industry and know who’s been in the game long enough to have earned their respect stripes. You can trust us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television, to do just that. We have walked many talented people in to their success and into their smart career moves. That being said, choosing a manager is a big move that requires smart planning. Here’s what you need to know before you dive in.
First of all, you need to know your manager’s job role. Their main focus is to guide the your career and make connections for you; and although most of the best managers out there are former agents, the two have very different roles.

If a manager approaches you, do your homework. Find out the names of other actors they represent and ask those actors about their experiences with the manager or company in question.  

A manager should be well connected in the casting community and entertainment industry in general. Once again... do your research. See who they know and who knows them.  This alone, will do a lot for you.

Be careful that your prospective manager doesn’t trick you into getting what you don’t need. Ask ahead of time what they tend to require. They may recommend that you get more training or new photos, but should not require you to take a particular class or use a particular photographer as part of the terms for working with you. Until you're sure a place is legitimate, don't pay for services you may not even need.

Check their integrity. Talk to them about your values and how you feel about nude scenes. If they resist or tell you that you’ll need to do certain things or be more flexible, beware. You never have to do scenes that require you to engage in sexual acts or nudity. These are your rights.
That being said, most legitimate managers will never approach an unknown actor. Of course that's the dream - to be discovered, but it's just not likely. A successful manager is already busy with experienced clients, and you'll have to work pretty hard to get their attention. So if someone approaches you with promises, be wary. Do your homework and check in with people more plugged into the industry and your area. 
In the end, we desire your success.  Acting is a great career, but be sure you are prepared to take the classes,meet the people and do your homework!  The New York Acting School for Film and Television wants to see you succeed! Call us today and let us know how we can further your dream.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Simple Practices for Starting Your Day With a Powerful Success Flow

Simple Practices for Starting Your Day With a Powerful Success FlowEveryone wants to succeed but what separates the ones that succeed from those that don’t? If you could finally hack into the simple practices that make the success difference, would you? Well if you’re not one of the ones that sits around waiting for success to come to you, you’ll love the tips I’ve got for you today. They’ll make as big a difference as you let them.
For starters, one of the biggest mistakes people make is in thinking that they don’t have nany control, or that fate decides their future. Sure, this may look like a trusting way of looking at things, but in most cases it’s about powerlessness. The truth is, you have far more power than you might realize. And that power is put to best use at the beginning of your day. So tip number one? Decide how you want your day to go.
Decide how you’re going to feel. Decide how you’re going to respond to situations that don’t go your way. Decide how you’ll celebrate when you get the part or position. Plan your responses ahead of time and you’ll have the power reigns the entire day.
Second thing is to decide the outcomes that are non-negotiable. Look at your to-do list. Is it ten points long? If so, there’s a good chance it’s full of filler activities meant to look good, please others or simply - fill in your day - so you feel busy, look busy and can say you’re doing everything you can. But everything isn’t what makes the most difference. Wise things do. Look at your list. Considering your goals and what you want to achieve, what are the top 3 things on that list that will get you the closest to those goals - the fastest? If nothing will - shift your to-do list.
That being said, know your goals. Are they yours or do they just look good? Any goal that’s set there just because it should be there, will be harder to reach. What are your true  goals? Who cares if they feel impossible. If they’re yours, they’re what you should be focusing on. Everyday. Wisely and with full commitment.
How do you bring this all together? The powerful art of journaling. Stream of consciousness writing has the power to help us tap into our deeper fears and desires in a way that lets us face and fully own all it. Writing out whatever is on your heart and mind in the morning helps it be released and realized when thats the goal.
But where the journaling needs to go farther, in goal setting - is that you need to end your session affirming the power within you and affirming the success you desire to see. Write about how you feel at the end of the day as present moment truth. Write about how it feels to walk up on the stage and accept the oscar. Write about what it felt like to be cast as the lead with your favorite director. Envision it. Write all the details.
Then, write out what’s on your to-do list today. What would the to-do list of that person look like? You need to live like the person that’s going to make it all happen. Start by writing it into reality.
Lastly, remember that success is your responsibility, not your luck. Imagine the results you want and take daily, non-negotiable inspired action toward that. Have the mindset, hold the power and walk the walk of the person that succeeds.

And remember, The New York Acting School for Film and Television wants to support your success too. We offer a variety of classes, coaching and skills teaching to help you reach your goals as a red carpet success. Reach out today and see if we’ve got the right match for you!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The One Thing Actors Need to Know To Succeed, But Most Don’t

The One Thing Actors Need to Know To Succeed, But Most Don’tIt’s amazing to me that so many actors want to succeed and think they will based on one of the most common misconceptions out there. And unfortunately so many also won’t see this post and will go on living according to what they think they know. And it’s not a big vital thing - on the contrary, it’s small - but it makes a big difference in the actor’s success.
Are you ready for it? The big misconception so many actors base their careers on is that once they get a good part (or any part) the roles will just keep coming. That once you’ve landed a role in a box office hit or prime time sitcom, that suddenly you’ll be booked out. It’s not true. It does happen but it shouldn’t be depended on.

The truth is, you might land a great role but then it’s quiet for a while. Don’t give up. Don’t get jaded and angry that it’s happening for “everyone else” and not you. The overnight success stories you hear about are exactly that. Special - because they’re stories.

Focus on giving and delivering your best work. Take classes. Keep learning. Expand your horizons and be willing to do voiceover work, stage and television because that’s where experience is born. It’s also where you learn to work with people, take direction and grow in your skills.

Focus on getting clear on what you want your career to look like and how you’d like to see it develop. And then be willing to try new things and learn new tricks. You might be surprised at what you’ll enjoy and where success comes easily to you.
It may take the form of learning new skills and specializing in these or in branching out into different areas of performance. You may be presented with opportunities to move into other aspects of the work, such as theatre or company management, scriptwriting or even directing. Options are everywhere, when you are open to them and they are even more likely in smaller companies, where these skills can be combined with acting. Some actors may even be inspired to set up their own theatre or film/television production companies.
The truth is, it’s all a learning experience, and it’s your job to decide how committed you are and to which path. No matter the path each actor takes, most spend time in other types of jobs and end up building up a range of transferable skills, which usually do lead into more opportunities with related careers, such as acting coaching, teaching, lecturing and even training.  You may be deepening your skills and and broadening your options in more subtle ways.

There’s not a lot of predictability in the film world. But we want you to be supported for the whole journey. And at the New York Acting School for Film and Television, that is our goal. We are ready to provide you with the tools needed to succeed both in the short and long term. Contact us today to find out more.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Important Things You’ve GOT to Know If You Want to Ace That Casting Call!

Important Things You’ve GOT to Know If You Want to Ace That Casting Call!
Oh I know the feeling.You’ve been waiting far too long for this moment. The casting call you’ve been waiting for. Now the real pressure is on and you don’t want to blow it! Understandably so! But I think we both know that nerves will only make you less likely to land the role. So instead of freaking out and possibly losing a great opportunity - I want to share a few important things with you about casting calls that will leave you in the know, confident and ready to go. There's no
First of all, take a few moments to think of the pressure the casting director is under. They’re supposed to come up with the most amazing cast ever  - choose just the right people out of many. No pressure at all, right? You bet there’s pressure. So when you show up to the call, be sure to enter in with a level of respect that shows you appreciate their effort and time.
So get your head in the game knowing you’re not the only one with a hard job here. There are a lot of people’s careers on the line and if you have what it takes, you’ll get there. So show up in your confidence, be polite, be prepared and be thankful for the chance to show what you’ve got.
Arrive early. Arrive everywhere early but especially to your call. Bring a book if you need to to keep occupied but don’t be afraid to get there 15 to 20 minutes early. It makes a good impression and gives you a time cushion for disasters.
Be clean. Please be sure to shower, wear clean pressed clothes and keep it limited on the fragrance. You’re not trying to make an ‘I’m the best’ impression - you’re trying to show them who you are when you’re being your best.
Wait your turn. Be patient. It’s a long process and being impatient presents you as a diva. That won’t get you hired.
Lastly, be prepared. If there are lines to learn, learn them well. Learn them from multiple perspectives and be able to change them on the spot. Be ready to show your diversity.
There are many other tips and tricks we, at the New York Acting School for Film and Television, would love to share with you.  Please get in touch today, to see how we can advance you on your path to stardom.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Need Help Memorizing Your Lines? Don’t Stress! Try This!

Need Help Memorizing Your Lines? Don’t Stress! Try This!Forgetting the words is a fear that not only haunts you but can even keep you from following your big dream. Plus, there’s nothing more stressful than having a deadline to memorize for and feeling pinned up against the wall with your mind at a blank.

So don’t let that happen. Instead be sure you’re using our best tricks for memorization and retention to make sure those lines stay for good.

Our first trick starts with your strengths. Read through your script a few times and then test yourself. See what you remember. Once you know what you know, write out what you don’t. Write where you’re stuck. This one is perfect for speeches, comedy sketches and shorter performances. Read through the script and highlight the parts you’re having a hard time remembering. Write those parts out. Re-read the script and read the highlighted/written parts out twice.
Record yourself reading the script. This one works amazing. First, get out a recording device like your phone or computer. Record yourself reading what you’ve written. I suggest recording it in the way you want to say it. This not only gives you practice, but you’re working through it through different senses. Listen to what you’ve recorded. This is a portable way to keep the lines close to you wherever you are.

Practice using different emotions. Say the lines silly, say them angry or say them sad. Say them in the way you won’t be able to forget. This one might sound silly but it really works!
Last silly suggestion - invite your friends in on the fun. Have them read your script to you. Enjoy being entertained. Critique their performance in your mind in a way that helps you get even better. Take turns reading for different characters!
Finally, stop overthinking it. Stress is the number one killer to all success. You’re doing this as part of something you love and when you are you,  people are most entertained and pleased. So just be you, have fun and do your best. Improvise. Make it good. This is your dream, right?
The New York Acting School for Film and Television is the place to go for learning techniques like this one and many others that support your path to better performance. If you’re looking for classes, coaching or simply more information, please contact us today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Simple Tips That Are Sure to Make Your Audience Want More

Simple Tips That Are Sure to Make Your Audience Beg For MoreNo matter what kind of performer you are - actor or presenter - you want people to love you. It’s not vain - it’s what your career is based on. So instead of simply hoping for the best, make sure that your best is so magnetic that your audience can’t help but take their eyes off you.
The first ingredient you need to master is ditching any you left in the character you’re playing. When you’re on stage or in front of the camera, only the character should be seen and known. The audience should feel they’ve entered another world completely with you as the leader that takes them out of reality and into the world you’re painting.
As a side note, this tip goes for presenters as well. Imagine you’re giving a talk sales or success. You need to fully show up as the successful person they most want to be like. Stand with confidence and finesse as you bring their imaginations into what’s possible if they choose to enter the world you’re inviting them to.
Important as that all is, the flip side is mastering keeping the inspirational parts of you present and known in your character. Remember, it’s your character’s emotions you’re expressing, but your experience of those emotions will be what brings your character to life. Your parents, your history, culture, friendships, traumas, socioeconomic status, and education all add up to give you a rich background to draw upon. Each actor’s approach to the circumstances of a role is different. If you use yourself, you are using your rich background.
Think hypnosis. Focus on taking your viewers for a ride and don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with this. The actors who ditch playing it “safe” to fully lose themselves in their roles are the ones that get noticed; as well as the standing ovations. Embody the character, feel the full emotions and then throw them at us.
Tired? No time for that. You’ll have many performances that require you to work when you’re exhausted and you can’t let that affect your performance. Tiredness can cause you to underact and lose your audience - as well as the connection you’ve made.
Keep it real. As much as you don’t want to underact, you don’t want to over act either. This crosses over into dramatic, which can be entertaining - but it won’t cause the audience to get lost in your story.   
Follow these tips and you’ll see a dramatic difference in how the audience engages with you! For more help like this, please contact us about joining one of our classes or to find out more information on finding an acting coach. We are waiting for your call!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Do You Need To Be An Actor To Take Our Classes? Not At All. Here’s Why:

Do You Need To Be An Actor To Take Our Classes? Not At All. Here’s Why: It often comes as a surprise when I tell people how common it is for non-actors to enroll in our classes. Sure, we help aspiring talent to improve their skills and move on to red carpet success, but the reason so many non performers come to us is for the underlying benefits that the classes actually deliver.

So if you ever felt pulled to a class but aren’t sure why, because you don’t really want to perform, you might actually seeking the side benefits that acting has in common. After all, why not be like the actors you see on TV and movies? They always seem to walk in, own the room and the crowd loves that. Why? Well let me share it with you.

Acting increases your confidence and sense of can-do feeling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a presentation you need to give at work, a social event you’d like to feel more comfortable at or if you’re on center stage in front of a listening audience, the in-the-moment pressure that these situations bring along can be excellent in helping even naturally shy people overcome self-consciousness. Acting classes rocket boost your confidence.

What happens from there is huge. Due to your sudden increase of self confidence, you’re no longer doubting yourself or feeling nervous when it’s time to speak. You’re fine being at the head of the room, all eyes on you.

And when you do speak, you do so eloquently. Words seem to just roll off your tongue because you’re finally in character and that character is a very confident you.  

This makes you magnetic. So people begin to come up and talk to you more. And you’ve learned to read body language and emotion, so when they share their stories with you, you know how to relate and they feel like they’ve really made a connection with you. This means more confident dating, deeper friendships, faster sales and a faster route to success.

You’re life has totally transformed and everything seems simpler. You’re walking taller. You’re finding doors opening and opportunities presenting themselves that you didn’t know you right for, but suddenly you are. Because life connects with the person you carry yourself as and you’re carrying yourself with more confidence than ever before.
And that’s why it’s so valuable for everyone - not just actors - to take advantage of acting classes and the skills taught within them. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we want to see people succeed in all aspects of their lives. Contact us today to find out more!