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Common Mistakes Actors Make in an Interview and How to Avoid Them.

Tired of getting rejected?  Here are Some Common Mistakes Actors Make in an Interview and How to Avoid Them.Once you've finally landed your interview, you want to make sure you don't blow it. This is your time to shine, so let's look at some common mistakes actors make in an interview and how you can be prepared and avoid them. 

It's important to note that, like in an audition, decisions are often made before you even say a word. It may be an old saying, but first impressions mean a lot. Appearance, along with attitude, helps create that initial perspective. 
As with many professions, packaging is everything, whether it's for an audition or an interview. To be honest, it helps to think of each interview as an audition, that requires a monologue complete with poise, proper preparedness and packaging.
Show up.  Look good. 

Don't shower the night before.  Show up dressed in a ragged or dirty old shirt and jeans, a worn out pair of converse, your greasy hair hanging across your forehead, no makeup (for the ladies), or unshaven (for the men). You CAN NOT just show up that way and expect to be taken seriously... or professionally, for that matter.  
Dress almost as if interviewing for a job: smart-casual.  Cleanly pressed. Black, white and beige are great colors.  Accent with casual Dark (quality) denim and professional shoes. Makeup should be clean and natural but accenting.  No blue shadows or red lips please.  
Show up looking like you deserve it. 
For the Clothes
Ladies - Skirt (medium modest length), blouse or sweater with no cleavage, medium heels, , nice makeup (not glamorous unless you are traffic stopping gorgeous), hair pulled back so that your face can be seen. No perfume.
Men - Sports jacket, shirt (ironed please) and a tie is optional. Even if you see yourself as "street punk," let that show by your face, voice and determination, rather that with dirty clothes, boots or accessories. Be shaved, washed and with combed hair. Only mild cologne and aftershave. You want them to feel comfortable in your presence; not suffocated. 

This is simple.  If you want to blow it with your photos and resume, just do the following. 
1. Just don't bring a photo or resume at all. Give a long rambling excuse for why you felt it unnecessary or impossible, including that you were in a hurry and forgot or couldn't afford to get it done.
2. Arrive with outdated picture/resume of when you were 15 pounds lighter and a blond.  That will work for sure.
3. Keep your resume is untrimmed, sticking out past the head shot. When you are asked why it is untrimmed, mumble an excuse about not having the time to go to a shop and have it professionally done.
4. Show up with a mall inspired glamor shot...  One where the person in the photo doesn't look at all like the "natural" you.
TIP:  You never know when you'll get a last minute call.  Always have these things ready. Update often. 


  • You will often be asked for a monologue. Be sure to have three or four ready at your fingertips. so that you can go into auto-pilot, if necessary. Do not stop, smile sheepishly, or apologize if you forget your lines. Cover your errors.
  • You'll likely be in an office so it would be preferable to go with a monologue that doesn't have yelling or screaming in it. Also, keep it clean. Most agents, etc. prefer monologues without obscenities.
  •  If you're a singer, also have three songs fully memorized. Have your music with you. 
  • Don't claim to be someone or to have done anything on your resume that is not true. Do not try to pass off extra work as a featured role. It's unimpressive and will create a bad reputation for you in the long run. 
Becoming and actor and mastering an audition can be tricky but it isn't impossible.  That's why we at the New York Acting School for Film and Television provide the coaching and classes.  It's not an easy industry, but with the right help, you can succeed.  

Don't make the same mistakes as so many others before you.  Call us and let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams. 

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