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Class Details How to Get Work in Film and TV Acting - Top NYC Acting School

Resumes, Headshots, Networking, Reels, and More

Taught by Mark Stolzenberg
This class is for beginners who have only a limited understand of how to gain visibility as an actor, or for those who have some experience, but are not gaining any traction in the biz.  There is a business side to acting.  Skill, talent, and hard work can often fail to pay off, because you are not visible, or not presenting yourself in the right way.
Stolzenberg has made a living as a working actor for his entire adult life.  He has worked in movies, television, commercials, stage, and events, and would like to help you position yourself in the marketplace in such a way that you are more likely to find work as an actor.  

Learn how to promote yourself and get work as an actor.  The basics are covered: headshots, resumes, casting notices, mailing lists, networking, acting reels, acting websites.  In the final class you will meet an agent or manager.

TUESDAYS 6-7:30 , 4 sessions  (NEW CLASS EVERY MONTH)
Starts Tuesday, Sept 10,  Next courses start Oct 8, Nov 5
4 CLASSES - $ 350
Class 1- Headshots and Resumes
Learn how to put together your headshot and resume that will help you get work.
Class 2- How To Market Yourself
Learn about casting websites, networking, mailing lists, publications, where to get work and more.
Class 3- Creating an Acting Reel and Acting Website
A reel and Website is a must in today’s Industry.  Learn how to to do it right.
Class 4- Meet an Agent or Manager
Talk to a guest lecturer who is a professional manager or agent.

***Mark Stolzenberg is head of the Acting School for Film and TV and also teaches "Acting For Film and Television" at The New School in New York City.

Mr. Stolzenberg starred in the feature film comedy, "Luggage Of The Gods", which was directed by David Kendall — producer and writer for ABC's hit, "Growing Pains". Mark was a principal in Tom Selleck's film, "Her Alibi", was a regular character on the "Robert Klein Television Show", and was one of the lead roles in the feature film, "Breakfast In Bed", which appeared on HBO, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX. Mr. Stolzenberg made several appearances on ABC's, "ALL MY CHILDREN", and he has done principal work in over 25 national television commercials. 

Mr. Stolzenberg played a supporting lead in the feature film, "A Dry Season", a principal role in The CBS drama, "Dellaventura", and has made featured appearances on, "The David Letterman Show". Mark was featured on the cover of NEW YORK MAGAZINE which called him, "One of the hidden delights of New York's little theatres..." As a writer, Mr. Stolzenberg wrote the feature length screenplay, "A Clown In New York", which was a finalist with The Sundance Institute's Screenwriter's Lab. 

Mr. Stolzenberg co-wrote and stars in the stage show, "Pierrot & Pirouette", which ran Off-Broadway and most recently at Lincoln Center in New York City. In addition, Mr. Stolzenberg has had three theatre books on Clown, Mime, and Comedy published by Sterling Publishing Co. in New York.
Most recently Mr. Stolzenberg has written, produced, and starred in the short film, "My Father The Clown", and he currently has a feature film in development called, "Maximum Fun".
For more about Mark Stolzenberg, visit his website at

To learn more about the NYC Acting School for Film and Television, the website is here:

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