Agent Showcase


Prepare a Monologue, Shoot a Video, Meet with an Agent

Part of the unique approach we take at the New York Acting School for Film and Television is to make classes that are practical and will help you move your career forward. Our newest class has exactly those objectives at its core.

During the first class we create and work on a dialog. During the second class we polish and perfect your presentation. Every step along the way you are given one-on-one direction to help you with optimizing your camera work.

The third class is for the actual video shoot, using a professional videographer. You receive a copy of the dvd to use any way you like. You might choose to use it as part of your reel, on your website, blog, or other online promotional options.

Week four includes a meeting with an actor's agent, casting director, film producer, or acting director who will watch your monolog and offer their own insights into your performance.

This four week class is offered every other month on Thursday's at 6:30 PM.

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