Saturday, August 25, 2012

Acting film vs. television- multicamera set up- acting classes nyc

Our NYC acting school specializes in acting for both film and television. There are a few key differences between the two. We explore these differences and accompanying techniques in depth in our classes, where you can practice them alone, with others, and on camera.
One important difference between acting for film vs. television is the use of multiple cameras, which is the typical way television is shot. 
For the actor, having a multi-camera set up means several things: 
1. Shooting will not have to do as many takes of the same part of the script.
2. You will not know what shot they are using, so your acting will need to work for long shots, closeups, and different angles. In some ways, this might feel like stage acting, where anything you do may be captured and it needs to work from all angles.
Compare this to film where:
1. You will need to act more in fragments.
2. You will know what is being shot (closeup, medium, etc), and play to the camera.

Our classes are an excellent way to improve your camera skills. Come check us out!

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