Monday, August 27, 2012

10 Rules of Screen Acting from film acting school NYC

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Here are a few tips for successful screen acting.  In our NYC acting classes, we practice these rules and learn in-depth technique for the screen. 
1.  Keep on acting, until you hear "CUT", and then keep on acting for another minute.
2.  In the event that you make a mistake, always continue until/unless the director stops the scene.
3.  Never stop a take, unless continuing would result in bodily harm.
4.  Do not look into the camera. Ever. Unless you are asked to, which most likely won't happen.
5.  Be impeccable with hitting your mark. If you miss your mark, the take (and your acting) may be wasted. 
6. If offered a role, it is best to say either "yes" or "maybe". When turning down a role, say you are unavailable rather than that you don't want to do it.
7. Play to the camera. This means knowing the size and angle of the shot. If you don't know, it is appropriate to ask the camera operator, not the director.
8. Do not use your stage voice. The mics are sensitive. Use your normal voice (appropriate to the scene)
9. Do not use stage acting techniques. Know the medium you are working in and the appropriate techniques for this medium. 
10. Throughout all the drudgery of being on set, behave professionally and be prepared and attentive. Who you are as a worker is as important to your career as your talent and skill on screen.

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