Thursday, August 23, 2012

Acting film vs. television: pacing- NYC

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There are a couple of key differences between film and television that will affect the actor's performance technique. 
One notable difference is that time moves differently in television than it does in film. As a film actor, you will likely portray events that occur over many months or years of a character's life, and these events will happen in about 2 hours. Time is moving quickly.
In television, on the other hand, you may portray a day or a week's events over the course of many episodes. Time is moving more slowly.
While in a film, the audience is expecting to be moved through a transformational story; in television, the audience will expect consistency and predictability. 
As an actor for film, you will want to be attentive to the stages of evolution and change in your character (which may be shot out of sequence.)
As a television actor, you will want to be able to consistently play the same character, often with little change, potentially over many months or even years of shooting.

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