Friday, November 9, 2012

NYC acting schools: 5 Tips for Talentless (and richly talented) Actors

I'm a skilled professional actor. Whether or not I've any talent is beside the point.
~ Michael Caine

Our acting school in NYC is dedicated to developing all actors, no matter their natural talent. In truth, the work for an actor of any talent level is the same. 

  • Don't just gamble on your talent, invest in your skills.

Most actors bank very heavily on their natural talent. However, even the most talented actor will most likely be unsuccessful if they fail to also invest in developing their professional acting skills through disciplined study of their craft. An actor who begins with little natural talent but invests in these skills is often more successful than a talented actor who neglects their training. Acting can be learned! In fact, acting must be learned! Even someone with natural stage or screen presence and a sharp mind is far from prepared to act professionally.

You know what this means. Show up early, stay late, do your homework, be prepared, accept unglamorous jobs, take care of your body, study as much as possible. Blood, sweat, and tears...

In part two of this post we will explore the remaining tips for talentless (and richly talented) actors...

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