Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Acting Classes NYC: Sanford Meisner's Repetition Game

We wanted to share some fun exercises for actors here on our NYC acting schools blog.
Sanford Meisner believed that acting is about truthfully being in the current moment. He invented this game called The Repetition Game for actors which helps us to be honest, spontaneous, observant, and present in the current moment.
Two actors face one another. Actor A makes a new observation about Actor B's behavior.
"You are slouching." Actor B repeats the observation, "yes, I am slouching." The repetition continues, until Actor A notices something new. "Yes, you are slouching." "I am slouching." "Yeah I noticed that." "Yes, you did notice that." "You are smiling." "Yeah, I am smiling." etc.
The goal is authenticity and spontaneity, remaining in the moment. This exercise can be difficult in that you will likely get distracted, hold back, or feel awkward. But all of that is part of being honest and present to the current moment! Keep gently moving your attention back to observation. Give it a shot.

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