Saturday, June 30, 2012

acting classes NYC: Circle of Trust

In our acting classes in NYC we have the opportunity to do games and exercises in a group setting that allow us to warm up our bodies, play creatively, come face to face with our limitations, and otherwise hone our craft. Every actor needs lots of opportunity to exercise their skills in a group setting. Our beginner-advanced film acting classes in New York City are a great place to do this work.
This exercise is called the Circle of Trust. In any performance where you work with other actors, you have to have a high level of trust with one another. You depend on one another to forward the story, give cues, give and take on stage or screen, sometimes you must physically depend on your fellow actors to keep you from getting hurt, sometimes another actor has to literally be your eyes. This exercise is a trust game, ideally done with a group of seven or more individuals who stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing the center. The larger your circle, the more interesting the exercise. One actor is in the middle of the circle. This person closes their eyes, and leans into the circle. They are gently guided/pushed by one of the other actors to walk across the circle. As they arrive on the other side, they are gently stopped by another person's hands that turn and guide them where to walk again. Can you trust someone else to be your eyes?

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