Sunday, May 27, 2012

Acting school NYC: Technique #4: panic procrastination

This is part of an acting schools NYC series on techniques actors use to deal with performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is such a common experience, we get many questions about it. Even the best professional actors deal with it to varying degrees. Luckily, we have developed a lot of coping mechanisms, and different methods work for different people.
Technique #4: Panic procrastination
When faced with stage fright, some actors employ a method where they simply give themselves a firm talk: nerves are fine, but they must wait till after the show.
It seems this “on with the show” method of dissociating from the fear for a determined period of time works like magic for some actors, who can then fall back on normal coping mechanisms when they exit to find their jitters waiting obediently for them backstage.  ;-)
What methods have you used to cope with stage fright?

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