Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Acting school NYC: Technique #3: Burn it off!

This is part of an acting schools NYC  series on combating stage fright.
Technique 3: Burn it off!
You know how great you feel after a good work out? You find you have more energy, feel more relaxed, and have better mental clarity? Well many actors harness these benefits before going on stage or camera.
Plan to include an exercise routine before any performance that might trigger your nerves. This might mean doing your yoga routine before you leave home, stopping for 45 minutes at the gym, running 10 blocks from the subway, or planning to spend 15 minutes doing situps with any residual nerves before you go on. Whatever kind of exercise you enjoy, plan ahead to make it a part of your day before any performance. You may find that this is enough to head off any pre-performance nerves and prepare you for a great show.

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