Thursday, April 19, 2012

Film Acting Schools Tips on How to Choose an Agent

Let’s face it. Often times we as actors do not have the luxury of being choosy about our talent agents. If one chooses us, we thank our lucky stars to be represented. Our Film Acting Schools showcases offer opportunities to meet agents and casting directors.
If you have the opportunity to choose one agent among several, consider yourself extra lucky. That said, here are some things that are helpful to look for in your agent.
1. Someone you like! We don’t always get to choose who we work with, but in the case of talent agents, its especially great if its someone you love. You will have an ongoing working relationship with this person, so if you enjoy a certain agent’s personality and trust them, that should weigh high in your decision.
2. Name. Choose the talent agent that is the most known and respected in the industry. Even if an agent has many clients, name is often more important than individual attention.
3. Fit. Communicate with potential agents about how they see you. If they want to type you in a way that doesn’t feel right to you, they may be the wrong fit.
The New York Acting School for Film and Television offers 3 showcases per year where agents, managers and casting directors are invited to check out the talent of our students.

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