Sunday, April 15, 2012

Acting Classes Tips: Winning Headshots

Most actors and students taking acting classes know they need to have headshots. What you may not know is that you really don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great headshot. It is helpful to work with a photographer who has experience doing headshots, but they don’t have to be the hotshot of headshots photographers.
The most important thing in a headshot is that it shows your face, and who you are, as plainly as possible. Generally, you should not have busy backgrounds in the shot, wear prints, or accessorize to show your personality. Your make-up should not be glamorous, elaborate make-up, but natural make-up that you can apply yourself. You may choose a couple different shots to show different moods- perhaps one more casual and one more business. The point of a headshot is not to make you look as sexy or fancy as possible, but to communicate very directly who you are. It should generally look clean and professional, but if its important to who you are, its okay to break from that in small ways such as an unshaven face. Keep in mind your headshot should strike the balance between showing your individuality, and not typing you too narrowly.

Some viewing your headshot should want to meet you.

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