Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Acting Schools NYC Reveals How to “Be Prepared!”

Whether or not you've already attended Acting Schools in NYC, you’re sure to have heard it hammered over and over again as an actor: “Be prepared!” But what does it really mean to be prepared as an actor? Of course it involves arriving on time, and being ready to go on camera or stage when you are called. It means memorizing your material thoroughly, and knowing your lines.
But actor preparation involves more than that. It is researching and getting deeply engaged with your material. It is being well-rounded and having excellent technique. Good actors are always working on becoming even more prepared. There are many methods and philosophies of actor prep out there. At
New York Acting School for Film and TV, we take an eclectic approach, drawing from the best of these methods, and what works. To some extent, every actor needs to develop their own method of prep. In our classes, students become prepared for scene study, monologues, improvisations, cold readings, audition technique, commercials, scene work, and more. These are all important areas in which every actor should "be prepared!" So don't stop at memorizing your lines. Keep learning.

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