Thursday, April 12, 2012

Acting Schools NYC Revealing the Secrets of Professional Film Extra Work

Ok, so most students in Acting Schools in NYC don’t dream of being movie extras. Still, you might decide to do some film/television extra work to earn money acting, or just to get working on a film/television set for the first time. Here are some tips that will help your first extra gig be a positive experience, and turn into more opportunities:
Act like a professional- Arrive on time, wear what you are asked to, stay out of the way, and be prepared for when you are called, and to stay as late as necessary.
Dress: If you are providing, bring 4 outfits. Dress for comfort, with comfortable shoes. You will spend much of the long day standing around.
Don’t cheat out the camera, or try to draw attention to yourself. This could get you fired. Highly unprofessional behavior!
Do not talk to cast or directors. Of course you want to network with other professionals, but as an extra, this is not the appropriate time or place. Do not speak to the cast or directors unless they speak directly to you. By demonstrating your professionalism, you are doing better networking than you would by disrupting their work. Generally, extra work is not a way to be discovered, so don’t hold out high hopes. But, most actors have to do other jobs to make ends meet at some point. Extra work is not considered professional acting, but it is something we may do to support ourselves within the film/television industry. Learn more than how to be an extra in our Acting Classes in NYC!

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