Monday, April 9, 2012

Acting Classes NY- Remedies for Sh** Actors Say!

Acting is based on self-awareness. It doesn’t hurt to be able to laugh at yourself, either. Teaching Acting Classes NY, we wonder what struggling actor hasn’t said some of these things? Getting established in film and television can be confusing and stressful.
Aside from frustration with agents and disappointment over auditions, it seems first refusal is one of the most mind-boggling parts of being an actor.
What is first refusal?
First refusal means that you are committed, but not guaranteed a role. If you have accepted being on first refusal, and you are offered another gig, you should contact the people for the first refusal gig and let them know. At that point, they will decide if they want to book you, or release you for the other project.
Learn more in our Acting Classes NYC , so you can stop saying "*%&$!!!!"

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