Friday, April 6, 2012

Acting Schools New York -The Secrets to Dressing for Auditions and Casting Calls

If you are just beginning with auditioning and casting calls, you may wonder how to dress appropriately. Here is some advice Acting Schools in New York give to new auditioners. This advice applies to both stage and film/television.
You will want your clothing to be comfortable, professional, and attractive. Your clothes should not take center stage- that is you, the actor’s job! Choose clothes in neutral colors (white is not recommended), with a flattering fit, that allow you to move and feel relaxed. They should be stylish, but again, your outfit is not the main attraction. Either a modern or a timeless style can be workable, as long as it looks clean and simple.
As an actor, your body is a tool for your performance, its not what you are selling. Revealing clothes do not convey professionalism. Choose clothes that have a good fit and do will not hide your movements, but are not tight or skimpy.
Slacks, knee-length skirts, solid t-shirts are all good choices. If you have tattoos, make sure they are covered. Your hairstyle and make-up should be simple and natural looking.
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