Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Acting Schools New York: How to Choose a Monologue

Every actor should have 2 monologues that they can always fall back on for auditions- generally one dramatic, and one light-hearted. Here are some tips we offer in our Acting School in New York on choosing a good monologue for auditions.
Choose monologues that demonstrate your best acting skill. If a monologue contains mood changes, it will show your versatility. If not, it should still be affecting for the audience- hysterical, touching, disturbing, etc. No matter what, it should not leave them where they started.
Choose monologues from contemporary works, and try to choose something unique, not a #1 hit. It will be easier to shine if you aren’t doing material the auditor has seen a thousand times.
Choose a monologue that is appropriate for your age and type.
Choose a monologue that you are trained for. If you are not classically trained, don’t choose Shakespeare. If you are not skilled in dialects, do not choose a monologue with an accent. If you do specialize in one of these areas, you may want to have one “special” monologue to show off this talent, in addition to your two standards.
Generally speaking, your monologue should not contain excessive profanity as it can be a turn-off to some auditors.
Choose a monologue you love! Your passion will come through best when you like your material.
Do not include interruptions of dialogue- by definition, that’s not a monologue!
Practice, practice, practice! Master your monologue, and have fun with it! Learn more in our Acting Classes NYC

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