Friday, March 30, 2012

Television acting schools Offer Tips for Acting in Commercials

As a specialized film and television acting school, we often help students develop skills for commercials. Acting in commercials is different than other kinds of acting, and presents specific challenges to the actor.
Its very important for commercial acting that you know your type. Television advertisers are very specific about the market they are targeting and you will need to fit your type like a glove. You will not be able to overcome this with your tremendous talent. For commercials, type is more important than being a phenomenal actor. Make sure that your headshot reflects that, and that you show up looking like it.
For commercials, being pleasant and confident are of the utmost importance. Television advertising has very few roles for brooding actors, so be prepared with a good attitude, and genuine smile.
It will really help you to take a class tailored for commercial acting. We offer such a class at
The New York Acting School for Film and TV where you get individual attention, tricks of the trade, and a lot of time being on camera. Learn more in the Acting for Commercials class at Acting School for Film and Television.

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