Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Go From Peanuts to Pro In Your Acting Career

How to Go From Peanuts to Pro In Your Acting CareerYou love acting, which is why you stick to it, but you and everyone else knows that acting for hobby pay is not a lasting plan. Not to say that you should get stiff and stubborn and not take helpful roles. Definitely take on the opportunities that build your portfolio of experience. However, without a plan for moving out of that hobbie hustle, you’ll stay there. You’ve got the talent and the drive; but don’t let it drive you to your grave! Step up your game and start moving at the pro level. 

Moves you’ve got to make to graduate from peanut pay!

Get better. Seems like a given, but you might be surprised at how comfortable actors get in their talent. If you’re not expanding or growing, you won’t go past where you are today. The best way to get better is to take classes on public speaking or get involved with Toastmasters or another professional group, in addition to your usual acting and performance classes. 

Represent yourself professionally with high quality headshots. You'll need two different looks for acting headshots. Be sure you work with a professional photographer, skilled in the category of head shots. Please remember to staple your headshot to the back of the headshot, text opposite from the back of the picture.

Have a high quality, talent diverse reel to showcase what you can do. This is like a visual resume. Send this out to directors, casting departments, art schools, and agencies. Don’t have a reel? Start developing one.

Be picky but humble. Don’t demand the best roles, but still choose wisely. Reach out to up and coming directors, writers and producers. Buy them a coffee and tell them your goals. Ask them for an opportunity to read to them. Be willing to be cast in student and college short films. Just get on camera so you have experience to promote.

These, in addition to social media presence and networking add an incredible amount of momentum to the development and furthering of your performance career! 

Ready to take your hobby to professional? The choice is yours and we are here to help. If you are looking for classes, a coach or additional guidance, please contact us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television!

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