Friday, November 30, 2018

Give the Gift of Acting - New York City Acting School Offers Great Gift Packages for 2018 Holiday Season


 Who Do You Care About Who Would Love a Real Shot at an Acting Career?

Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Apple, Hulu and others are hiring lots of actors. There has never been a better time to find work in the movie and cable series business. But the key to success lies in the being a professional who can handle both the auditions and the actual work of acting. There is no better place in the US to study acting for Film and TV than the New York Acting School for Film and Television.

We are offering 4 packages that will introduce your family member or friend to a career in acting. Once they test their ability, they can sign up for more classes and hone their skill. Your gift can be the catalyst that starts them on their way.  Call 212.877.2219

A tiny taste - Give the gift of an introductory class designed to help both the instructor and the recipient of your gift determine if this is a good direction for them.  Normally $150 - Just $49.95

A great breakfast - The introductory class plus one other class of their choice. After taking these two classes, your loved one will have a pretty good idea whether they have the basic "stuff" needed to go further into acting.  Normally $300.00 - Just $99.95

Lunch with pie - In this package, the budding actor will select 10 classes for just $495. Now there is actually a chance to hone the skills, try different aspects of the potential directions in acting, and get some serious camera time. The standard tuition for 9 classes is $550, so there is a 10% savings and a bonus class. 

Dinner with all the trimmings - By then end of this short course of 18 classes, the acting student is ready to try a few auditions, and if the interest is still high, sign up to take more. Normally this package would cost $1000. However, if you purchase this package as a gift, we will give you over $100 off the normal price. You can win the prize for best gift ever for just $895.00.

Call 212.877.2219

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