Thursday, December 21, 2017

Some Actors Get All The Work. Here’s Why:

Some Actors Get All The Work. Here’s Why: As much as it seems like there’s a clique of inner circle people running the show and making all the decisions, (ok, sometimes it can be that way), the truth is, there are certain characteristics, habits and traits that set the successful apart from the mediocre. And you might think, reading this, that you’re not the one getting all the work, but you are putting in all the time and effort - so how dare I imply you’re mediocre?
I don’t imply you  are mediocre. You’re great. Just like a 100,000 others out there. You’re all doing the same great things. And none of you are standing out just enough to get ahead. Frustrating, isn’t it?
But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can do to stand out - show up brighter, louder and more impressionable than the rest. And when you know that list, and apply it in every creative way you can, you’ll rise. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.
Strengths. They know their strengths and play to them. They land rolls they know they can nail, to get their foot in the door and get the ball rolling.
Weaknesses. They know where they’re weak and while they’re busy promoting and diving into their strengths, they’re using their down time to improve their weaknesses and expand their skills.
Focus. There’s a zone in which all success is found. It’s called the flow zone. Where you can get into a groove that makes the rest of the world disappear and you can get fully lost in the moment of your bliss, enjoyment and the flow. The more often you can go there, the more you’ll be in the zone of reaching your goals. Which brings me to the next point.
Think positive. Maybe positive isn’t the right word. Think determined, think with expectation. The truly successful don’t feel the need to strive, or beg because they’re confident in their success. They show up, they give their best, they’re teachable - but confident and at peace. They know success is coming and they prepare themselves to receive it. They get the vision in their head for what they want, they speak it, write it, believe in it and move toward it every day.
Get lost. Actors that win the game lose themselves to it. They know how to go beyond acting and become the part; to lose themselves in the role. These actors become one with their roles they play in such a way that even when they’re off camera, in makeup or at lunch, they can stay in character. They become.
Let it go. Lastly - they don’t take rejection personally. They understand that roles come and go and your job is to keep showing up and performing as the artist they are. If you don’t get the part, who cares? There are others. Just repeat all of the above and keep moving forward.

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