Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Win Any Audience Over As a Top Actor!

How to Win Any Audience Over As a Top Actor! When you get up in front of an audience, you want to make sure you have their full attention. You want to wow them and captivate them so well that your performance is unforgettable. And that can totally be done with the tips below as well as through classes provided at The New York Acting School for Film and Television so read on, and see what helps you and then contact us to see which classes might help you take it to the next level.
Everyone knows that if you want to be fully prepared, it’s good to have your lines or presentation prepared ahead of time, but be sure to write it out as a performance - not a speech. Read it to yourself out loud and see where you need to add more emotion or less. Practice it well and often into an audio or video recorder so you get used to what you sound and look like to an audience. Then deliver it to a small live audience of colleagues, friends or family and be open to constructive feedback. This is a very helpful tool.
Another technique you can use is personalization. It’s a form of character acting but with twist. It's not just about taking on the character you are aiming to become, more so, it's about reaching into your own experiences and emotion to the point that the scene becomes fully yours and you fully bring the audience in.  
The next tip to really real them in is to slow things down… pause….before the climax. Wait to deliver the big punch, til you can feel they want it! Imagine you are delivering each point to one member of the audience and wait until you can see from their face that they have got it.
Lastly, believe you’ve got it. Decide that people have come to see you perform and that they’re going to love every bit of it.
And they will. Every time. Because you believing it is half the battle. Doubt yourself and they will to.

The New York Acting School for Film and Television loves to see you confidently set up for success. Whatever your need, from better presenting to on camera comfort, we are here to support you with classes and coaching. Call us today!

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