Friday, October 13, 2017

Need Help Memorizing Your Lines? Don’t Stress! Try This!

Need Help Memorizing Your Lines? Don’t Stress! Try This!Forgetting the words is a fear that not only haunts you but can even keep you from following your big dream. Plus, there’s nothing more stressful than having a deadline to memorize for and feeling pinned up against the wall with your mind at a blank.

So don’t let that happen. Instead be sure you’re using our best tricks for memorization and retention to make sure those lines stay for good.

Our first trick starts with your strengths. Read through your script a few times and then test yourself. See what you remember. Once you know what you know, write out what you don’t. Write where you’re stuck. This one is perfect for speeches, comedy sketches and shorter performances. Read through the script and highlight the parts you’re having a hard time remembering. Write those parts out. Re-read the script and read the highlighted/written parts out twice.
Record yourself reading the script. This one works amazing. First, get out a recording device like your phone or computer. Record yourself reading what you’ve written. I suggest recording it in the way you want to say it. This not only gives you practice, but you’re working through it through different senses. Listen to what you’ve recorded. This is a portable way to keep the lines close to you wherever you are.

Practice using different emotions. Say the lines silly, say them angry or say them sad. Say them in the way you won’t be able to forget. This one might sound silly but it really works!
Last silly suggestion - invite your friends in on the fun. Have them read your script to you. Enjoy being entertained. Critique their performance in your mind in a way that helps you get even better. Take turns reading for different characters!
Finally, stop overthinking it. Stress is the number one killer to all success. You’re doing this as part of something you love and when you are you,  people are most entertained and pleased. So just be you, have fun and do your best. Improvise. Make it good. This is your dream, right?
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