Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Important Things You’ve GOT to Know If You Want to Ace That Casting Call!

Important Things You’ve GOT to Know If You Want to Ace That Casting Call!
Oh I know the feeling.You’ve been waiting far too long for this moment. The casting call you’ve been waiting for. Now the real pressure is on and you don’t want to blow it! Understandably so! But I think we both know that nerves will only make you less likely to land the role. So instead of freaking out and possibly losing a great opportunity - I want to share a few important things with you about casting calls that will leave you in the know, confident and ready to go. There's no
First of all, take a few moments to think of the pressure the casting director is under. They’re supposed to come up with the most amazing cast ever  - choose just the right people out of many. No pressure at all, right? You bet there’s pressure. So when you show up to the call, be sure to enter in with a level of respect that shows you appreciate their effort and time.
So get your head in the game knowing you’re not the only one with a hard job here. There are a lot of people’s careers on the line and if you have what it takes, you’ll get there. So show up in your confidence, be polite, be prepared and be thankful for the chance to show what you’ve got.
Arrive early. Arrive everywhere early but especially to your call. Bring a book if you need to to keep occupied but don’t be afraid to get there 15 to 20 minutes early. It makes a good impression and gives you a time cushion for disasters.
Be clean. Please be sure to shower, wear clean pressed clothes and keep it limited on the fragrance. You’re not trying to make an ‘I’m the best’ impression - you’re trying to show them who you are when you’re being your best.
Wait your turn. Be patient. It’s a long process and being impatient presents you as a diva. That won’t get you hired.
Lastly, be prepared. If there are lines to learn, learn them well. Learn them from multiple perspectives and be able to change them on the spot. Be ready to show your diversity.
There are many other tips and tricks we, at the New York Acting School for Film and Television, would love to share with you.  Please get in touch today, to see how we can advance you on your path to stardom.

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