Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Get Farther Faster in Your Acting Career

How to Get Farther Faster in Your Acting Career
You have been acting for a while. You get the same call backs and the same auditions. But you’re ready for something better - something that will take you farther.  Of course you do! You’re talented and don’t know what’s taking so long. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Some actors will spend their whole career moving from one acting contract to another, stuck in the same genre and style of work, without getting better roles or climbing any ladder of progression or success, much less an increase of pay.
But it doesn’t mean you have to settle for that. On one hand, you can’t assume that success in one job will bring you a higher level job the next time around, but you also don’t have to continue settling for subpar opportunities.
First of all, it’s important to get clear on what you want your career to look like and how you’d like to see it develop. It may take the form of learning new skills and specializing in these or in branching out into different areas of performance. You may be presented with opportunities to move into other aspects of the work, such as theatre or company management, scriptwriting or even directing. Options are everywhere, when you are open to them and they are even more likely in smaller companies, where these skills can be combined with acting. Some actors may even be inspired to set up their own theatre or film/television production companies.
The truth is, it’s all a learning experience, and it’s your job to decide how committed you are and to which path. No matter the path each actor takes, most spend time in other types of jobs and end up building up a range of transferable skills, which usually do lead into more opportunities with related careers, such as acting coaching, teaching, lecturing and even training.  You may be deepening your skills and and broadening your options in more subtle ways. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, that is our goal. We are ready to provide you with the tools needed to succeed both in the short and long term. Contact us today to find out more.
First of all, this may be the perfect time to expand your horizons. You may need to move between theatre, radio, television and film for quite a while before work (better work) comes to you.  When you’re willing to go beyond your norms, you not only learn new skills, but you allow yourself to meet new people, make new connections and discover new opportunities. 

There’s not a lot of predictability in the film world. But we want you to be supported for the whole journey. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we understand you want to succeed and want to help you on that path. Contact us today for more information on classes, coaches and more.

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