Saturday, January 30, 2016

How To Dress and Present Yourself Professionally at Your Next Acting Audition

How To Dress and Present Yourself Professionally at Your Next Acting AuditionIt may be an old saying, but first impressions mean a lot. Appearance, along with attitude, helps create that initial perspective.  If you’ve finally gotten a call back, it’s important not to blow it. This is your time to shine, so let's look at some common mistakes actors make in an interview and how you can be prepared and avoid them.
As with all businesses, packaging is everything, whether it's for a brand, an audition or an interview.
Show up. Have confidence. Look good.
Be clean. You might be surprised at how many people show up with greasy hair or with body odor. Don’t do that. It says you don’t take your opportunity seriously. It’s an invitation to dismiss you immediately.
Be pressed and put together. Whatever you do, don’t arrive in a ragged or dirty old shirt and jeans, a worn out pair of shoes, no makeup at all (for the ladies), or unshaven (for the men). You won’t taken seriously... or professionally, for that matter.  
Dress well. Wear comfortable, professional clothing that doesn’t call more attention to themselves than you. Choose clothes in neutral colors and black, with a flattering fit, that allow you to move and feel relaxed. Be stylish, but remember that your outfit is not the main attraction.

Dress modestly. Your body is a tool for your performance but it’s your talent you are selling. Bodily revealing clothes do not convey professionalism. Choose clothes that fit you well but are not tight or skimpy.
Black pants, knee-length skirts, solid t-shirts are all good choices. Cover offensive or excessive tattoos. Hair and make-up should be simple and natural looking.

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