Sunday, January 31, 2016

Here Are Some Great Tips on How to Act ….With Other Actors

Here Are Some Great Tips on How to Act  ….With Other ActorsUnless you’re performing a monologue, putting on a one man show and self directing, you’re most likely going chances are you'll be interacting with other people and it’s important to do well regardless of their talent or behavior.
What does that mean? It means bringing your abilities and honor to the performance. No matter what kind of performance you’re faced with, it’s your job to deliver and treat people with respect.
Nobody wants to work with an arrogant know-it-all or a timid introvert. Getting to know your cast is essential so you can be prepared. But if you're cast alongside your worst enemy, don’t stress it - just treat him or her respectfully so that you can both reach your goal. You are professionals.
If you feel that someone is lagging behind or struggling, offer your help without arrogance, and you’ll both have an opportunity to learn.
Be yourself, know when to listen and behave with good character. Anything less, will stand out in a director’s mind and limit your opportunities for the future.

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