Monday, May 18, 2015

Don't Get Scammed! What Every Actor Should Know About Having a Manager!

Don't Get Scammed! What Every Actor Should Know About Having a Manager!Just about anyone can decide they're a talent manager. But don't take chances with your money, time and the success of your future with someone just cause they put up a good pitch! If you want to be a professional actor, having a manager can be a great thing, but you need to know what to look for.

At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we have walked many talented people in to their success. One of the key ingredients is being educated. Of course, be mentored and take classes, but also know who to trust!

Are you ready for bigger roles and better pay? Don't get scammed! Here's what every actor should know about hiring a manager!

*   A manager's main focus is to guide the actor's career and make connections for them; and although most of the best managers out there are former agents, the two have very different roles.

*   Find out the names of other actors they represent and ask those actors about their experiences with the manager or company in question.

*   Most actors (with the exception of children, who often need extra development and guidance into the business) will not require a manager until they are well on the road to success. If you think you may need a manager, below are a few things to remember when looking for one.
*  As we've said above, management companies usually offer their services in exchange for a 15% commission, though it can sometimes be a little more. A legitimate manager will never ask for money up front. So if the ask for it upfront, run!
*   A manager may recommend that you get more training or new photos, but should not require you to take a particular class or use a particular photographer as part of the terms for working with you. Until you're sure a place is legitimate, don't pay for services you may not even need.
*   A manager should never, under any circumstance, ask you to remove your clothing or engage in sexually explicit "scenes".
*   Most legitimate managers will never approach an unknown actor. Of course that's the dream - to be discovered, but it's just not likely. A successful manager is already busy with experienced clients, and you'll have to work pretty hard to get their attention.
*   A manager should be well connected in the casting community and entertainment industry in general. Once again... do your research. See who they know and who knows them.  This alone, will do a lot for you. 

In the end, we desire your success.  Acting is a great career, but be sure you are prepared to take the classes,meet the people and do your homework!  The New York Acting School for Film and Television wants to see you succeed! Call us today and let us know how we can further your dream.

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