Monday, August 25, 2014

Want to Act? Here's How to Break into the Film Industry!

Want to Act?  Here's How to Break into the Film Industry!Many people get excited about starting a career in acting but don't know what to do first! If that sounds like you, I want to ease your concerns and tell you just what you can do to succeed at breaking into show business! If you are looking to act, you're going to need to get some experience in front of a crowd. Local theatre and school theatre is a good place to start. Take classes on public speaking or get involved with Toastmasters. This is an organization geared to help people learn to speak in front of large groups - an essential skill.

Then, if you are serious about finding an agent, get a good set of head shots. Two different looks for Acting – Head shots- you will need to get these professionally done, ask your photographer what they think will look best for you- try to get a photographer that is experienced in head shots. Please remember to staple your headshot to the back of the headshot, text opposite from the back of the picture.
    Want to Act?  Here's How to Break into the Film Industry!
  • Don't work with anyone that pressures you into utilizing any of the services they may offer in order to be represented.
  • If an agent wants a fee to represent you, turn around and walk out of their office. They will never get you anything that makes it worth your while for what they charge.
  • Once you do get your head shots done, the best route to go is with a union franchised agent. A union franchised talent agent can work with both union and non-union talent. EQUITY is the union that works with TV - Commercials and TV Shows - basically shows in a videotaped format.
  • Beware of agents that don't have real offices. The unions will not franchise anyone who works from home. An agency needs a professional office in order to interview clients. 

Ultimately, please remember, that no matter how difficult it is to get an agent, they work for you, not the other way around. If you are looking for classes, a coach or additional guidance, please contact us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television

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