Friday, July 11, 2014

What leads the Actor to Success? Talent or Education?

What leads the Actor to Success?  Talent or Education? Get successful WILL SMITH STYLE.Many people wonder if acting is a natural talent that leads people to success, or if it's something that can be learned. My answer?  Both. And at the same time, neither. 
Ok.  So, what leads the actor to success?  Talent or education? 
Acting is usually a born talent of different degrees, that can be polished. How much polishing an actor needs, will vary from person to person. Also, a person's desire to act is NOT necessarily in proportion to the talent to act. People usually have different reasons behind their desire to act, and they tend to fall loosely into these categories: desire for fame, for money, for glamour, for fulfillment, for self-expression, a love for the ART of acting, or simply to pay the bills. The truth, is that if you are born with a talent for acting, you cannot loose that talent. 
But talent USUALLY isn't enough. 
There are some greatly talented people cannot focus, cannot polish, simply cannot work at being successful. They will not learn lines, they skip rehearsals, do not self-promote -- in other words, they are dedicated to failure, regardless of their talent.
Actors with a natural talent, have imagination, a passion for acting, drive, a good ear, the ability to mimic -- the list is endless. But the technique, the niche, the ability to empathize and knowing how intense emotions need to be to properly create a scene are all skills that need to be exercised and practiced. 
If the desire to act is based on a love for the art and if that desire is accompanied by a bit of talent and a commitment to constantly improving, then you as an actor will be more quickly successful. Of course, there are actors out there that are 'making it' regardless of their lack of talent and this, to be honest is really frustrating. The best way you can rebound from this sad truth is to be the one that's both talented AND educated. 
At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we offer classes and coaching for actors looking to improve their skills and further their career. Please let us know how we can help you; we want to see you succeed! 

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