Friday, July 4, 2014

Be Seen & Discovered. Where to Find the Right Casting Calls Ads for Serious Actors

Be Seen & Discovered. Where to Find the Right Casting Calls Ads for Serious ActorsYou may have figured out by now, that so many of the casting calls and notices you see around town are usually there for hype and attention of the general public, acting beginners and generally the people that are just hoping to be discovered magically and be the next big thing.  In general, casting calls really vary in how they are announced.  Some casting calls can come from the director of a major film all the way to someone holding an audition for a small play. 

Basically, casting calls will do their best to gain attention of media hopefuls or even struggling actors that are keeping their eyes peeled for potential work. This means they could get listed on the books of an acting agency or be picked to play a part on a major tv series or movie.

But how do you find the right ads to be see by the right people? 

You will likely see and/or hear of casting calls in many different forms, which may include the following:

  • TV Commercials.
  • Local News Stories.
  • Advertisements in Newspapers and Local Magazines.
  • Bulletin Boards.
  • Notification directly to Talent Agencies.
  • Casting Web Sites.
  • Industry Trade Magazines.
  • Online Classified Ads.

It's important to remember that the largest ads are usually meant to find movie extras, read those without experience, so they will attract a large number of applicants. But don't let this turn you off to the opportunity, because if you are right for the role then so be it.
If you are an experienced actor looking for work either on your own or through your own talent agent, your agent will generally keep on top of this for you, because she or he is working to get the right person on their books a great part, so they usually form good relationships with casting directors and big-name production companies and studios that can supply them with information on casting calls.
If you can sign up and keep up to date with trade news and casting web sites, you can easily keep up to date with legitimate casting calls even if you are a struggling actor. You may also wan to sign with a talent agent or casting agency to give yourself more options. Casting calls can call for a certain person with specific characteristics, such as one with brown hair, blue eyes, freckles or they may state in the ad that they are looking for partial nudity but don't let that put you off either. You don't have to perform or take the part if you feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that the more selective you are to begin with, the less likely you are to be invited to a casting call and therefore you will have less credits to add onto your acting resume.
So be in the know. Get to know casting directors and see what auditions they generally hold. You will begin to see the patterns of what's meant for amateurs and what's intended for the more seasoned talent. 
Please stop by at The New York Acting School for Film and Television and let us know how we can aid in furthering your dream career. We are here to support you with acting classes and coaching and are excited to get to know you.

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