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There Are A Lot Of Actors Out There. How Do You Stand Out?

stand out in the entertainment industry and become a great actor with acting classes at the new york acting school for film and television
Before you really dive into it, become an expert on the acting and entertainment industry Grab about twenty books on the business of acting, subscribe to some youtube channels, talk to dozens of actors and meet with as many people in the industry as possible (directors, grips, stage managers, producers, agents, editors, etc.). Ask questions, pick their brains and write it all down.  Then send them a thank you card, buy them a coffee and show your gratitude. 
Interview a working actor who's career is where you’d like to have yours be one day have.  Study their career road map well, and the knowledge will save you from unnecessary surprises and disappointments later on. 
So how to do this?  
It's Time to Manage Your Expectations
You've got to remember that your chances of becoming a star are extremely small.  Don't be mad, it's just true.  How many actors are out there?  This isn't to discourage you, but to bring you into a reality that YOU succeed within, as long as you're seeing clearly. The idea here - the real goal - is to simply act, to fascinate audiences with your ability to bring characters to life, to work among a community of fellow artists, and THEN, there will be little that can stop you. What you NEED is the right mentality, your talent, persistence, flexibility and a love for what you do BECAUSE you love it. Success beyond that is a bonus.  
Get Head Shots that Rock
Head Shots are your number one advertisement which means it's quality needs to be a priority. So don't
skimp on them. I'm not saying you have to spend a fortune on them, but you do need to find a photographer who knows how to bring out your best qualities and features.
Get Training
Take classes or study at a university with a good drama  or performing arts program. If you'd like to get to the film and television industry, go take some classes at a location that specializes in those areas. In addition to acting, take courses in literature, psychology, history and philosophy.  Creating a broad liberal arts background for your acting will provide you with far more understanding and tools more tools from which to perform your art and paint the scene. 
By the way?  NEVER STOP LEARNING. Even if you climb to the top, take a few classes every year to address your weaknesses or to improve skills that will increase your awareness, or well-being (yoga, and dance are all good ones).  These all play a key role in your continued development. 
Practice Like Crazy
Please don’t wait for the perfect role or the big gig. Get out there act. Get in the game all the time.  The most successful actors out there are always searching for and working on various projects.
Working consistently also keeps you on everyone's radar and the number of people you’ll meet. And work leads to more work. It's math. 
Also, don’t be afraid to take on projects that aren’t perfectly interesting or which don’t pay well (or at all). Because, in the beginning of your career, you’re better off acting regularly than not.  You can learn something from every acting experience, no matter how small.
Network All The Time
In every industry, networking plays a vital role in progress. Agents and directors work with those actors that they know, like, and trust. So meet everyone and make sure people know you. Earn their respect by always being professional and positive.
Don't let the reputation of networking cause you to feel impersonal and false.  You are in charge of your authenticity. Rather, think of it as building a community of people who can support you in your aspirations. And you support them too. Pay it forward. The more advocates you have out there, they more work you’ll be offered.
Be Positively Positive
I don't know very many people in the world who don't like being around folks with a positive outlook. Positive people are magnetic and draw you in. BE that person. Don’t be grumpy, especially on set or backstage. Leave your personal problems at home. Not only will the project be more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved, but you’ll almost certainly perform and work better.
My biggest piece of advice?  Be a joy to work with.  Leave a memory in people's minds of your punctuality, determination and positive mindset.  Be a friend and be wise.  Be humble and never stop learning. Ever. 
For more information, talk to us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television and let us know how we can help you succeed. 

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