Saturday, April 5, 2014

When Can Discomfort Be a Gift to an Actor's Career?

Be inspired and rise up in your fullness.  Audition with  excitement.  Confidence in acting is sexy and successful!
Everyone has feelings.  Most people don't like the feeling of discomfort, especially when their ego or feelings are at stake.  Why?  Because people want to feel good. Successful.  Accomplished.  People want to know that they matter.  You and I are not different in that matter.  We love being appreciated and seen for the people we really are! 
There are clear sets of experiences that you like to feel and a set of experiences that you don’t like to feel.  This is part of your human-ness.  
We’ll call those sensations that you don’t like to feel – uncomfortable.
Most of us go to great lengths to avoid feeling uncomfortable, especially when it comes to the discomfort of rejection. (Actors - performers in general - are at risk for the pains of rejection because their talent and self expression are so personal.  It's YOU.  Your body language, your voice and your skill.)
But avoiding those attempts can lead to much worse results:
You will set up your day for discouraging, self-defeating, downright abusive-no-good-for-nothing-”I stink” thoughts. This will get you no where.
Here’s the thing.  I think you KNOW you are talented and can get the success in your career you want and deserve.  But here's how it works…
Your attention has to go somewhere, so make it good. 
We can choose to feel the atoms and cells in our body swirling, pulsating, and vibrating (which many people label as fear, anxiety, nervousness - discomfort) or suppress those body sensations and end up listening to our mind telling is that we’re not good enough.  However, I do want to point out a side fact that our bodies experience excitement and anxiety in the same way!  Just food for thought - if you're feeling anxious - you might just be excited!
Getting back to the point, it's better to feel the temporary intensity of the body in the moment – and then begin to notice the garbage our mind produces when it is not in an active inspiration mode. .... Active Inspiration Mode.  Are you ready for *that* secret?
You are a creative!  This means inspiration is your fuel.  (not motivation)  We can all be motivated but inspiration is what creates new ideas and action.  So get inspired already!
When the discomfort comes and you feel in that slump of failure or just disenchantment, get back to the basics.  What about your career - your art - makes you giddy?  Thrills you?  What excites you?  Think of it. Even move around while doing so - kinetic inspiration is quite effective! Recall those times of applause, acceptance or even those times when you know you really nailed the scene and performed phenomenally!  
Then go back to what made you feel uncomfortable, anxious or rejected.  Notice the balance to that - the light side and truth!  Stay present in that moment and accept that the discomfort is real and is only looking to tell you what your are really capable of achieving!  
The result?
You'll feel invincible.
You'll be ready for the next adventure, not because you're motivated, rather inspired into action. We want to go there with you.  Stop on by to the New York Acting School and let us know how we can help! 

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