Thursday, March 27, 2014

Actors, how are you promoting yourself?

people want to know how to further their careers and looking for creative and relevant ways to promote their skills in acting, performance and expression
Actors, what are you doing to promote yourself?   Aside from showing up for auditions and mingling at events, how else do people know about you?   Of course, we don't want to annoy them but we do want them to know you exist.   How nice it would be if word of your talents and skills began to circulate to that friend of a friend who knows a casting director, who'd have the honor of being referred your talents?  

I won't make you hold your breath.   Rather, here are some simple tips to help you excel and be seen above the rest.  After all, your goal is to be hired.. not just hope for the best.

For starters, let's talk about ...


Don't be afraid.  Web pages aren't just for corporations and home businesses anymore.  They are available for creatives and performers all over the globe to take their place on the web.

Step one.   Know who you are.  Know your personal brand.   No, don't be so 'branded' that you are type casted.  But define your strengths and see that they are communicated on your page.  Are you bold and confident with class?  Are you kind, gentle and determined?   Let these things show through in your layout, graphics and color scheme.

Step two.  Keep it simple.  This can even be a one pager if you want.  Make sure the header sends a clear message to the reader about who you are and what you do.  If you specialize in voice over, let it show.  If you enjoy more camera work, don't have it littered with theatre imagery.  

Step three.  Your header should say it all. Tell who you are, what you do and leave a way for people to be in touch with you.   This can be a sign up to your newsletter, or a simple contact form.   I suggest a high quality photo with simple text.   Keep it his resolution and classy.  People want to feel that they are working with a professional.

Step four.  The body.   Tell a short bio emphasizing what your skills and passions are.  People are interested in your story, but more interested in what you can do.   This is a good place to put one more, different head shot.   If you create videos or audio samples, feel free to include these on the page as well, if there is room.

Do you create media?  Do you have samples of your work on video or through audio clips? Maybe you can think of interviews you would like to conduct with other actors, directors, writers etc...   When you create media, you showcase not only your own skills but also the love for the industry itself and your desire to learn.   This shows both your dedicated and humble commitment to your career.

Just like the above, writing  a blog also gives people a chance to peek into your career.  A word of warning tho, if you're thinking of keeping an online journal.  Keep it respectful and professional. You will likely deal with people in the industry that annoy or insult your career. The Internet has a way of coming back to you - do not vent your frustrations with the industry in detail.  Say what's frustrating and bring awareness to how it can be done differently.  But do not allude to or specifically insult any individual or business.   Write out your expertise and curiosities.  This is beneficial publicity.

You never know who's going to see your email, so make sure you use that free tool by having a great email signature.  Tell people a one-liner about your passions and skills.  Include links to your facebook, instagram, twitter or whatever social media is useful to find. link?

You are talented and have chosen performance as a career.  It's still a business and you should be performing your best online as well.

At The New York Acting School we want to see you succeed.  Please call us and let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams!

by:  Navae Fiona

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