Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Few Words for the Rejected Actor.

Rejection.  Wow.  It's one of the words that causes the most knots in our stomachs.  It feels crappy and awful to have someone tell you, "No, we have chosen someone else" or, "We have to let you go".  It's especially hard if you’ve put yourself out there, if you’ve made yourself vulnerable. You’ve worked hard. You’ve invested in the job. You’ve done wonderful work. And you love it.
Consider this possibility: What if you go into an audition or to a table read, get rejected, and allowing yourself to be OK with it? What if you could use rejection to fuel you? How about making it a meaningful part of your journey? Hard to imagine? You bet, but it's not impossible.
The normal human reaction is to resist those painful feelings. We don’t want to hurt. We don’t want to be uncomfortable, and we resist it like mad. It's scary and we do everything we can to avoid it. 
The truth is, you’re going to be rejected. Many times. Rejection is a real part life and your chosen career. It’s also a part of your emotional growth. So what would it be like if you could be rejected and welcome the experience of hurt feelings, sadness and anger? What if you could truly let yourself experience those feelings? The reality is that you would come out on the other side having found power in it, knowing the beauty of deep feelings and having experienced yourself on an even deeper level.  This is the time to love and accept yourself because you are great regardless of whether or not you are chosen.  It’s so uncomfortable for us to go there, but it’s vital for an artist. It’s essential to grow your entire instrument as an actor. It’s the most exciting human experience there is.

Another benefit is that there is healing to be found in this process of embracing rejection. The joy in being able to move through all of those big feelings can be powerful. If you fight it, you’ll feel worse. You’ll get stuck in feeling awful and shut down. If you embrace it, you’ll free yourself. And in so doing, you’ll do glorious, deep work.

It's a deep and vulnerable experience to embrace but I encourage you to dive it.  The end will only result in a personal growth that will extend to your confidence and ability. 

Please consider it a gift.  Don't go masochistically looking for rejection but see the value in the opportunity and become even more incredible than you already are. We'd love to help you along the way at The New York Acting School for Film and Television.  We have extensive classes to better your skill and prepare you for your expanding career. 

You know what have have to offer.  So do it.  See what life gives back. It's a wonderful journey.

by: Navae Fiona

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