Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Keys to A Powerful Voice

It's an instant downer for me when I anticipate seeing a performance and arrive only to hear indistinct mutterings of a performer frozen with stage fright.  Not trying to be insensitive at all, I just feel it's time we made something clear.  There's a reason you are on that stage.  You were casted because people believed in your skill.  The truth is, if you are on a stage, you have something to communicate; either a message or a story.  So use that platform, raise your voice. Be seen and be heard.

Here are some keys to spreading a powerful sound. 

  • Personality.  Do you have it?  I'm sure you do.  Personality is the unique flare in your voice that leaves you distinguishable from other voices that let people connect with your experiences and perspective.  It is your audio essence.   If you want to be heard, it’s vital that you celebrate your authentic self. People may want to be entertained, but it's your voice they are looking to connect with. 

  • Passion. Passion is the power of your purpose in alignment with your content and personality.  So... what's the purpose?  What's the content? 
         Content, quite simply, is your message, words and ideas in spoken form.  However, purpose          is the why behind your saying it.  It's why you are speaking in the first place... it's the                  message in the story; the emotion. When you complete your presence with personality,                  purpose and content, powerful things are able to occur.
         If your passion is clouded by unsure purpose and intention, then your vocal power will                  diminish and you'll loose your audience.

  • Strength. Vocal strength is the ability to produce vibrant resonance and a command of your breathing technique.  Sound travels on air, so resonance and air are finely connected in the voice.  The air itself makes the voice work.  When you exhale, air moves from your lungs through your trachea, then passes between your vocal folds and brings those muscles together.  Soon a vibration occurs which creates sound.  
         So, if someone asks that you speak up, there's a good chance you'll use more air as you                raise your volume. That's great, but not enough.  Be careful not to come across as yelling -            or more so, don't strain your voice. I suggest that you stand up straight and speak with                  confidence.  You will be surprised at the impact your posture and state of mind have on                your ability to present yourself.  Be proud and confident of you position and project your              message outward. 

Don't be afraid to live out what you are passionate about.
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by: Navae Fiona

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