Sunday, August 11, 2013

Test: Are You Acting Material?

21 Signs You Were Born To Be an Actor

Being an actor requires passion, determination, and dedication. Here are 21 signs that you were born to act.

1. You could dance before you could walk.

2. You were a very expressive baby.

3. You wrote, directed, and starred in all your neighborhood plays. (And the neighbor kids hated you.)

4. You took drama class every semester to keep your GPA up.

5. Even the most mundane tasks are performed with great intensity.

6. You are the one who always has to make the speech at important family functions, even though you hate it.

7. You taught yourself how to raise one eyebrow, just so that you could be more dramatic.

8. You’ve tried “regular” jobs, but they are sooooo boring.

9. You never were really good at sports.
10. Even though you were really bad at first, you stuck with it.
11. Sometimes, everyday people just can’t handle you.

12. You are a complex person with many sides to your personality.
13. You have always been very sensitive to the latest fashions.
14. You sometimes forget that your outgoing personality does not always fit the situation.
15. Like many actors, you are open to holistic medicine.
16. You have always had a knack for picking up choreography.

17. You always competed with your siblings for attention.

18. You really know how to party.

19. You are always conscious of how you look.
20. You have full command of your range of emotions.

21. Basically, you were born to be fabulous.

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