Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three Best Movie Stuntmen of All Time

Jackie Chan and Hal Needham Have Harsh Words for CGI and the Directors Who Use CGI Instead of Stuntmen

We can probably guess what the legendary Yak Canutt would have thought about CGI.  But fortunately, two other top stuntmen have made their voices clear.  Hal Needham had this to say when interviewed by Time:

Computer-generated imagery has dramatically changed the size and scale of stunts in filmmaking. What's your take on its use?I'm not a big fan of CGI. When I look at it, I go: "Wait a minute. That's not possible." And I think other people see the same thing. The movies I worked on, we did stunts for real. And I think it shows.
Jackie Chan who brought comedy and style to stunt work, is not a big fan of CGI either.  Chan gave this opinion in

"There are so many good martial arts actors around, but no one discovers them, because movies just use a lot of special effects.
"In American movies you're always talking about big stunts - helicopter jumping, explosions, motorcycles, leaping 200 feet onto air bags. I do much smaller things.
"In those kind of movies the actors don't even have to be there - they CGI everything. It looks like a cartoon and it's lazy.
"When I ask friends, 'How's the movie?,' they say, 'Wow! The special effects, good.' But nobody says, 'The actors, good. Actresses, good.' Special effects aren't the real deal."
 So while this is not exactly a "man bites dog" story, we wanted to get your attention for the purposes of generating a list.  Who else might grace this list of the best?  Women, too.   Add your thoughts to the comments. 
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