Monday, May 6, 2013

My Acting Rusume' Is Mostly White Space - What Can I Do?

9 Entertaining Secrets to Filling In Your Acting Resume'

Everyone was a beginner once upon a time.  However, if you are a beginner in most fields, the only way to get a long list of credible experience is to have many jobs.  For most of us, that isn't even the goal.  We'd like one job with full benefits that we eventually retire from as CEO.

BUT as actors, the opposite is true.  We need lots and lots of jobs to make a career.  And when we are just starting out, that resume might lack some heft.  While you are waiting to land Scarlett in the remake of GWTW, there are things you can do to bulk up your credits without making stuff up (a really, really bad idea), or spinning too much.

Secret #1Take Acting Classes from a reputable film and television acting school.  (We can suggest one if you like.)  Classes won't have the same impact on your resume as experience.  However, it shows you are serious and taking the steps to hone your craft.

Secrete #2.  Work on some independent films, even if all you get paid is a few minutes of tape for your reel. 
Generally, everything that an independent does will at least end up on YouTube.  Once again you are working, getting experience, showing that you are in it to win it.

Secret #3.  Some schools have workshops that result in solid, usable footage for your reel.  The more different looks and characters you can show on your reel, the better.  (Check into "Star in a Movie")

Secret #4.  Put together your own YouTube production company.  Don't accept any slackers or average players or production people into your group.  Like any production, the worst member of the team is going to set the limit for the potential result.  Everyone in the group, from the writer to the editors are getting experience, online visibility, and material to share with agents and casting directors.

Mark Stolzenberg resume' as example of correct style
Secret #5.  Go to lots and lots of auditions.  You can make up for a mediocre resume' by showing up a lot. Eventually, you will be recognized by some of the casting directors as a go getter.  You will also keep increasing your skill at auditioning.  Finally, you will increase the chances of have the perfect "look" that will overcome any lack on the resume'.

Secret #6.  Do the best with what you've got. 
  • Choose a great resume format that works for you: chronological, functional or hybrid
  • Make sure that what you do have that's sells you is obvious and quickly identifiable
  • Work with experienced actors to make sure you resume' looks legit 
  • Actors sometimes have 2 or 3 different resumes.
    • Comedy
    • Serious
    • Commercial
Secret #7.  Special skills can help.  Do you play an instrument, sing, do martial arts, speak a second language, motorcycle racing, horseback riding.

Secret #8.  Awards, citations, notices, or any other special PR you might have enjoyed.

Secret #9.  Keep in mind that the resume' is only a part of the package.  Your look and/or skill can easily overcome a weak resume', but it is rare that a strong resume' overcomes a weak audition.
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