Friday, August 17, 2012

Playing to the camera: NYC film acting schools tips

Many of our NYC acting school's students at are stage trained actors who are breaking into film. Our film and television acting classes provide great training and experience for actors who want to try their hand at camera acting. 
One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are acting for film or tv is that the camera is that your audience will not be in a fixed spot, as on stage, nor are they surrounding you, watching from every angle. Rather, your audience can only see what the camera sees, so you must play to the camera.
  • Know exactly where the camera (or cameras) are at all times. For all practical purposes, your best possible performance is only as good as the camera's ability to capture it.
  • Know what the camera wants to capture. Different kinds of shots will demand different types of acting. Long shots will require gestures, for example, that would likely be off camera (invisible) in a close-up. 
  • Know where the other actors and props are located in relation to the camera. Be attentive that your actions do not obscure the shot that needs to be captured.

Practice these skills on camera, with professionals, in our classes at the Acting School for Film and Television in NYC.

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