Monday, August 13, 2012

Acting classes NYC: tips on acting for film part 3

Pssst, stage actors!...WE CAN HEAR YOU.... :)
One of the common reasons actors seek out our film acting school in NYC is that they are transitioning from being stage-trained actors, to being actors working in film.
As you know, when you are on stage, being able to project to the back of the house is essential. On the other hand, on a film set, there is a variety of very sensitive audio equipment including lav mics and booms that can pick up even small sounds- the drop of a pin, the rustle of your clothing, you biting your lip, etc. :)
 When you show up to a shoot with your warmed up stage actor set of pipes, ready to belt, you only stand out like a sore thumb as someone untrained in the craft of film acting. If you are beginning doing film or television work for the first time, remember to speak your lines in a natural, conversational tone of voice. The mics can pick this up just fine. If you are practiced in acting on stage, you will need to practice acting more quietly while still retaining the potency and animation of your character.
Our film acting classes are a great place to start practicing this and other skills for television and film acting.

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