Friday, March 8, 2019

How To Wow Your Crowd Into Begging For an Encore!

How To Wow Your Crowd Into Begging For an Encore!No matter what your reason for being on stage, your number one priority should be to captivate. As long as you’ve got their attention, the sale and the scene are yours for the owning. But if you lose it? Getting it back is harder than keeping it in the first place. So no matter what kind of performance you’re set to deliver, from dramatic to educational, you need to be the center of their attention and that’s where we’re focusing today. And keep in mind, this isn’t about arrogance, it’s about choosing success. Instead of simply hoping for the best, make sure that your best is so magnetic that your audience can’t help but take their eyes off you.
Before you can really master this art, you need to make a choice to release the parts of you that will sabotage your sale (let’s be real, all performance is about sales). You can’t bring the doubting, insecure or scared side of you on stage. It’s about setting that all aside and embodying the character that gets the big applause. Ask yourself who you need to be to get there. What do you need to say and what energy do you need to communicate?
The next step is full embodiment. When you’re on stage or in front of the camera, only the character should be seen and known. The audience should feel they’ve entered another world completely with you as the leader that takes them out of reality and into the world you’re painting.
As a side note, this tip goes for presenters as well. Imagine you’re giving a talk sales or success. You need to fully show up as the successful person they most want to be like. Stand with confidence and finesse as you bring their imaginations into what’s possible if they choose to enter the world you’re inviting them to.
Important as that all is, the flip side is mastering keeping the inspirational parts of you present and known in your character. Remember, it’s your character’s emotions you’re expressing, but your experience of those emotions will be what brings your character to life. Your parents, your history, culture, friendships, traumas, socioeconomic status, and education all add up to give you a rich background to draw upon. Each actor’s approach to the circumstances of a role is different. If you use yourself, you are using your rich background.
Think hypnosis. Focus on taking your viewers for a ride and don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with this. The actors who ditch playing it “safe” to fully lose themselves in their roles are the ones that get noticed; as well as the standing ovations. Embody the character, feel the full emotions and then throw them at us.
Tired? No time for that. You’ll have many performances that require you to work when you’re exhausted and you can’t let that affect your performance. Tiredness can cause you to underact and lose your audience - as well as the connection you’ve made.
Keep it real. As much as you don’t want to underact, you don’t want to over act either. This crosses over into dramatic, which can be entertaining - but it won’t cause the audience to get lost in your story.   
Follow these tips and you’ll see a dramatic difference in how the audience engages with you! For more help like this, please contact us about joining one of our classes or to find out more information on finding an acting coach. We are waiting for your call!

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