Friday, January 25, 2019

How to Be A Magnetic Actor in Any Scene

How to Be A Magnetic Actor in Any SceneA good actor has the power to pull the audience into an instant plot trance and deep emotional experience, regardless of whether you're the good or the bad guy. This isn't a skill that comes naturally though. It has to be learned and mastered over time. However, I'm happy to tell you that there are a couple tricks I can share with you to help you get a boost on this incredible career boosting skill. 

If you're ready to master the art of being hypnotic behind the camera or on stage, then we at the New York Acting School for Film and Television will tell you exactly what you need to know!
First and foremost, always let the true you character shine through. This doesn't mean be yourself, but draw from yourself. No matter who you’re staring as, be sure to draw upon your own unique self to create the personality of the role. Your parents, your history, culture, friendships, traumas, socioeconomic status, and education all add up to give you a rich background to draw upon. Each actor’s approach to the circumstances of a role is different. If you use yourself, you are using your rich background.
No matter how much background material you could imagine for your “character,” no matter how many pages of background you write, your imaginary character will never match your long and complicated history. Use yourself in the circumstances of the role. It is you who are in love. You are robbing a bank. Use your imagination about the circumstances, but use yourself and your instincts to react. This keeps the role playing authentic and more believable.
Go Above and Beyond. Actors so often work with only part of their personality exposed. Why do they perform without their natural energy and humor or using their full voice? So many actors whisper, as if they were doing commercials for personal hygiene products. Don’t be boring playing it safe. Be willing to take bold chances, extending an idea from safe to spectacular should be the actor’s mission. The key here is to really embody the character, feel the full emotions and then throw them at us.
Actors risk by using all of themselves, their own passion, humor, charm, intelligence, and vitality, by making unconventional choices and by not being afraid to make fools of themselves.
Next, believe it into being and then bring that belief energy to life. Too many actors are so terrified of overacting that they underact, and no one notices them. They justify their boring performances by believing that using energy and making risky choices won’t make them seem “natural.” But too natural often bores the audience. If you are in a restaurant waiting for a friend to arrive, and you’re idly listening to the conversation of a couple next to you, you will find that nine times out of ten it won’t interest you. Everyday life may be “natural,” but it is not the stuff of drama. On the flip side, realize how natural overreacting is in our daily lives. We can overreact to things that later we realize were not important. We get so angry and passionate about the smallest things, while other smaller events can lift our spirits joyously through the roof. Look at babies. Everything they do is infused with energy and intention; we could watch them for hours!

Of course, there are many more pieces of advice we could share with you, but you’ve got a busy day ahead of you. For more help like this, please contact us about joining one of our classes or to find out more information on finding an acting coach. We are waiting for your call!

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