Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Big Question Is, Should You Show Up Sick For Your Acting Audition?

The Big Question Is, Should You Show Up Sick For Your Acting Audition?
( what SHOULD you do? )
With as much time as you’re putting into your acting career, it’s best you don’t sabotage the opportunities you get. You’re taking all the right classes, you’ve got your coach; you’ve gone ‘all in’ with this passion of yours. So you’re not about to ruin your reputation or career options are you?At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we've seen aspiring actors make the same mistake over and over again, and it's time you knew something really important, so you don't stunt your career unnecessarily. There are definitely many things you should never do before, during or after and acting audition and those are the things we want to make sure you’re ‘in the know’ about now - before it’s too late and you’re left cleaning up the accidental mess you’ve made.
To be clear, the beginning of your career is less about your talent and rides much more heavily on making a proper, professional first impression. Because those that present themselves confidently and professionally are the ones people want to work with. So all the tips here are meant to guide you into that professional space with ease.
This leads me to our point of the day; which is a grey area for many actors and I’d like to share my take on the whole thing: “Should you show up if you’re sick?” Ever wondered that?
I lean toward two camps with this one. If you’re just a little under the weather, show up anyway. Sick happens and the show must go on. However, there are two times when you shouldn’t. First, if you’re so sick you won’t be able to be in convincing character, or second, if you’re contagious and will affect the rest of the cast and crew. Other than that, show up.  If you’re unable to perform or are contagious, call in and let them know.
Sure, there are specific scenarios and situations that will call for a different answer, but this has been a great go-to for myself and students to lean on. And there’s more where that came from! For more information on bettering your audition, acting classes and coaches in New York City, contact us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television and we'll get you on your way better than ever!

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