Friday, January 26, 2018

Simple Tips to Making Your Acting Audition a Killer Success

Simple Tips to Making Your Acting Audition a Killer SuccessLet’s be honest. You’re going to go to so many auditions during your acting career. Some will cast you and many will not. Even if you’re talented. But wait, you say. Aren’t you supposed to be sharing tips with me? Of course! See part of the process is realizing that you aren’t going to win them all. You need to master the ability to accept that and still keep trying. Resilience. Endurance.Because you love it that much and are that committed. Right? So if you are, then I want to share with you some simple ways to maximize your audition with confidence and professionalism. Use these tips, keep them in mind and blow them away.  
Don’t be so serious. Have fun. This really is a fun industry. Too many actors turn the audition into scary and dreadful situation. They know they have to audition, but the hate it! So they paint a smile over their grimace and dive in. Here's the problem. Avoiding failure is not the same as the pursuit of success. If you walk into an audition thinking the directors are looking for you to fail, it's almost a given that your audition will plummet. Success and failure are self-fulfilling. Half of getting cast has to do with the energy you take into the audition. So have fun!  Bring excitement into the room.
See it first to become it. There have actually been many scientific studies on the benefits of creative, or positive visualization.  It's the same as what the Olympic athletes do. You've got to imagine yourself winning. Do it each day that you can, even twice a day, before the audition.  It's great to picture yourself entering into the room and the people in the room relaxing.  They already totally like you! You already know that you will deliver a powerful audition, so be proud of yourself and be thankful and smile at the other actors in the waiting room as you depart. Imagine the auditors smiling at you as you enter the room; they respect you and they know you are talented whether you get the role or not.

Experiment and go bold. You don't need to play it safe! Casting directors have an idea about what they want, so stick with that idea but take it to the next believable level. Get into the mind, body and emotions of your character. Become them.

Don’t focus on being what you think you need to be, but show them what they will get if they cast you. Be creative, but stick to the part you’ve been given. Do your own thinking. It’s not your casting director’s job to get you into character it’s yours. So go ahead and jump right in. Make strong choices, like addressed above.  If they like your approach and how you deliver, they may still want to see another acting choice and if they want, they’ll ask you to do it again with some slight adjustments.

As for timing, go with the energy. The best audition slots are mid-afternoon and mid-morning.  If at all possible, try to avoid scheduling your auditions before or after lunch, as your team will either be hungry or maybe just need to get back in the groove of the audition.  Not to mention, as the morning progresses, the team will begin to have a better idea of who the character is supposed to look like.  Now, if you're able to get in during the mid-afternoon, then all the better!  Not only will they have a better an idea who they are looking for, but also the day is drawing to a close and they are anxious to get the role casted. Just don't be last.  By then, the role is likely cast and your team is too tired to give it their full observation. 

Acting is a fun career choice with endless opportunities. So open your eyes and expand your horizons. Join us at the New York Acting School and see what our classes and coaching options can do to boost your dream career!

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