Sunday, November 12, 2017

Simple Practices for Starting Your Day With a Powerful Success Flow

Simple Practices for Starting Your Day With a Powerful Success FlowEveryone wants to succeed but what separates the ones that succeed from those that don’t? If you could finally hack into the simple practices that make the success difference, would you? Well if you’re not one of the ones that sits around waiting for success to come to you, you’ll love the tips I’ve got for you today. They’ll make as big a difference as you let them.
For starters, one of the biggest mistakes people make is in thinking that they don’t have nany control, or that fate decides their future. Sure, this may look like a trusting way of looking at things, but in most cases it’s about powerlessness. The truth is, you have far more power than you might realize. And that power is put to best use at the beginning of your day. So tip number one? Decide how you want your day to go.
Decide how you’re going to feel. Decide how you’re going to respond to situations that don’t go your way. Decide how you’ll celebrate when you get the part or position. Plan your responses ahead of time and you’ll have the power reigns the entire day.
Second thing is to decide the outcomes that are non-negotiable. Look at your to-do list. Is it ten points long? If so, there’s a good chance it’s full of filler activities meant to look good, please others or simply - fill in your day - so you feel busy, look busy and can say you’re doing everything you can. But everything isn’t what makes the most difference. Wise things do. Look at your list. Considering your goals and what you want to achieve, what are the top 3 things on that list that will get you the closest to those goals - the fastest? If nothing will - shift your to-do list.
That being said, know your goals. Are they yours or do they just look good? Any goal that’s set there just because it should be there, will be harder to reach. What are your true  goals? Who cares if they feel impossible. If they’re yours, they’re what you should be focusing on. Everyday. Wisely and with full commitment.
How do you bring this all together? The powerful art of journaling. Stream of consciousness writing has the power to help us tap into our deeper fears and desires in a way that lets us face and fully own all it. Writing out whatever is on your heart and mind in the morning helps it be released and realized when thats the goal.
But where the journaling needs to go farther, in goal setting - is that you need to end your session affirming the power within you and affirming the success you desire to see. Write about how you feel at the end of the day as present moment truth. Write about how it feels to walk up on the stage and accept the oscar. Write about what it felt like to be cast as the lead with your favorite director. Envision it. Write all the details.
Then, write out what’s on your to-do list today. What would the to-do list of that person look like? You need to live like the person that’s going to make it all happen. Start by writing it into reality.
Lastly, remember that success is your responsibility, not your luck. Imagine the results you want and take daily, non-negotiable inspired action toward that. Have the mindset, hold the power and walk the walk of the person that succeeds.

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